Mission and Objectives

Mission of the Fund – creation of favorable conditions for successful and dynamic development of the sport of fencing throughout all the continents of the globe.

Objectives of the Fund

  1. Increase of audience interest in the sport of fencing.
  2. Involving, into fencing, of all levels of the population including children, students, disabled persons.
  3. Improvement of the organizational, methodical and material level of low-budget and newly formed national fencing federations and associations.
  4. Advanced training of referees, coaches and fencing specialists.
  5. Support to participation of talented fencers representing any national fencing federation/association in the international tournaments organized by the FIE.
  6. Strengthening of the material and methodical basis of fencing.

To implement its mission and objectives the Fund performs charitable donations.

Charitable Programs of the Fund

Main directions of the charitable activity of the Fund:

  1. Development of fencing as the popular sport;
  2. Development of fencing as the high performance sport.

Charitable programs of the Fund are performed on the basis of requests for donations received by the Fund.