Request for donation from an individual.

In compliance with the Regulations of the Fund request for donations received by the Fund from individuals shall be considered on the individual basis.

The request for donation shall contain *:

  1. The name and the surname of the individual;
  2. The full residential address;
  3. The full bank requisites of the individual with obligatory indication of SWIFT code and the intermediary bank (if any);
  4. The personal signature of the applicant and the date of the request making;
  5. The actual phone number (with indication of the country code) and the actual e-mail address.

The request for donation shall contain:

  1. The preamble in free form;
  2. The Motivated request for donation;
  3. The requested donation amount.

A copy of the passport of the individual shall be enclosed to the request for donation.

*The Fund preserves the right to demand from applicants any additional documents and information necessary for consideration of the request for donation.