Charitable Programs

Day-to-day management of the charitable programs of the Fund is performed by:

  1. General Director – Veronika Lanskaya;
  2. Coordinator of Charitable Programs – Gennady Kiryanov.

Main directions of the charitable activity of the Fund:

  1. Development of fencing as the popular sport;
  2. Development of fencing as the high performance sport.

For fulfilment of its goal the Fund drafts and implements the chartable programs:

  1. For material and other support to athletes and sport organizations;
  2. Jointly with Fencing Veterans Aid Fund – programs for material and other support to athletes, coaches, referees, fencing specialists in medical treatment and preventive care of diseases, and programs for social support and care, improvement of material and psychologic conditions of fencing veterans, solutions of their social problems;
  3. Other programs in the field of sport construction, sports publishing and other types activities aimed at fencing promotion.
  4. Charitable programs of the Fund are implemented on the basis of requests for donations received by the Fund.